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Delivered Catering

At BUNA Coffee, we do not distinguish between standard and premium ranges of services and products. Everything we do, we do to the best of our abilities and all our services and products are premium as standard.


Our delivered catering service is primarily aimed at Colchester business community, but we are happy to accommodate any special requests outside of this area. Please see below our menu options.

Please make sure to place your orders at least 24 hours before your required delivery time and provide us with all necessary details in order comment. Delivery costs are included in the final price and all prices are inclusive of VAT.

Terms & Conditions of Delivered Catering

All bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the planned beginning of the event, shorter notice may result in individual price arrangement. 
All bookings must be confirmed in writing by both parties to be considered as valid.
All prices stated in the menu are inclusive of VAT.
BUNA Coffee staff will require at least 30 minutes prior to the proposed beginning of the event to prepare and assemble all food and drinks. Tables should be provided by the client at the venue unless agreed otherwise while at the time of order.
Any dietary needs or food allergies must be communicated along with the order and our staff will confirm whether those are possible to meet. In most cases, we are able to accommodate all customers, including vegan, dairy free and gluten free.
Cancellations placed less than 24 hours before the ordered delivery time will incur a £30 cancellation fee.
Delivered catering service is primarily aimed at events in the Colchester area, however, individual arrangements can be made to provide food and drinks outside of this area. Please contact us in such a situation to discuss further details.
The minimum order value is £20 excluding VAT.


Please place your orders online, by email to or by phone at 07465052934. Please make sure to include the following:
Date and time for catering delivery
Responsible point of contact who will receive the delivery – including phone number
Exact address and any details our staff need to be aware of (e.g. gate access code)


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