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Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters

We take pride in working with the best speciality coffee roasters available in Europe and we are happy to bring their high-quality products to you. Our current coffee roasting partners are:


Five Elephant Roastery

A word from Five Elephant:

Five Elephant is a specialty coffee micro roastery, bakery and cafe in Berlin, Germany. Passionate about quality, our goal is to source the best coffees in the world in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

We don’t just visit our partners at origin, but work to understand their processes, from cultivation to preparation. We are committed to innovation and will never stop working to improve the coffee that we source and roast, including our relationship with the farmers who grow the coffee.

Czech Republic

A word from Doubleshot:

A coffee roastery, three coffee shops, a training centre, a pastry shop but first and foremost, a team of people who love the world of speciality coffee. We have been living coffee since 2009, selecting it from farmers around the world, roasting it at a location close to Prague and selling it to everyone who appreciates its freshness and flavour diversity.

Slovak Republic

Slovak Republic

A word from Illimité:

Illimite is my alter-ego. My name is Lukas and I care about details. I believe in the good of humanity and I am a perfectionist admiring minimalism. Apart from my passion for speciality coffee I also love tattoos and working with wood. I always work so that my results are the best possible and in line with my philosophy where quality will be always more important than quantity.


Gardelli Roastery

A word from Gardelli:

We are in the coffee business out of pure passion and dedication.
It is our intention to bring to your palate the best expression of aromas and tastes from the coffee lots we select, to honour the coffee farmers' hard work.
We promote full transparency and traceability 
of each single lot and work hard to constantly improve ourselves to be a source of inspiration and innovation for the entire industry.
Coffee is truly our passion, it is our life indeed!

More coming soon!

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