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Who needs polystyrene when you have a sustainable alternative? Plastic free and made from plants! These are made completely from bagasse, a fibrous material made from a waste product of sugar cane production. The ridges in design uses less material making this lighter weight than our other bagasse containers.


  • Heat resistant up to serving temperature of 100⁰ C
  • Microwavable
  • 100% commercially compostable and will break-down within 12-weeks in a commercial compost facility.
  • Breathable material

Sustain Bagasse 9×6″ Rectangular Clamshell – Lightweight

  • Case Dimensions 460 x 350 x 285 mm
    Product Material



    34oz / 1000ml

    Units in Case


    Product Dimensions (mm / in)

    100 x 85mm / 4 x 3.3"


    Burgers, Burrito, Curry, Pasta, Rice, Sandwich, Chips, Fish and Chips, Noodles, Salads, Wraps

    Made With

    Renewable Resources



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