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3 x 284g


Valdir José Ferreira's grandparents decided to move to the town of Caconde, some 35 years ago, to produce coffee. He would come from São Paulo to spend his holidays on the farm and upon finishing his studies he decided to move to the region to take over the property. Each year Valdir has improved the quality of his coffee while protecting the water and wildlife, and planting trees to ensure his family and neighbors have a sustainable future. He stopped using herbicides on his coffee and started cleaning the brush between the plants manually. This creates a natural compost bed encouraging friendly insects and other organisms to return.


Producer: Valdir José Ferreira 
Farm: Sítio Joaninha 
Harvest: Current Crop 
Origin: Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil 
Growing Conditions: 1240 mals
Botanical Variety: Yellow Catuai 
Process: Natural Process, dried on raised beds. 
Flavor Description: Golden delicious apple, nougat and strawberry.


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SITIO JOANINHA Espresso by Five Elephant 3 x 284g

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