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3 x 284g


For a few years the Muriuki’s sold their coffee to a co-operative, which is the usual practice for coffee farmers in Kenya. However after working so hard on the quality and care of his coffee, Julius felt sad that all of his effort would be ruined by blending his coffee with upto 1000 other farmers into homogenized lots. He decided along with Edith to try and sell their coffee to a single buyer and look to begin developing a long term relationship with Five Elephant. 

At Five Elephant we are firmly committed to a long term partnership with the Muriuki’s and are currently commissioning new raised drying beds with shade to further showcase the incredible work the Mariuki's do on their farm.


Producers:  Julius and Edith Muriuki
Harvest: December 2017

Origin:  Kambubu, Kirinyaga
Growing Conditions:  1900-2100 masl in volcanic soil rich in minerals and phosphorus. Coffee is grown 5 separate 1 acre lots.
Botanical Variety: SL 34 & Bastian

Process: The coffee is hand picked by Julius with 10 farm staff. After bringing the coffee to the mill located at the Muriuki's home it is de-pulped and mechanically de-mucilaged. The parchment is soaked for 72 hours, changing water at least 4 times, before it is graded in washing channels.  The coffee is then dried on African elevated drying beds for 8 days. Parchment is continuously sorted during drying to eliminate defects. The coffee is shipped and stored in vacuum packed boxes.

Flavor Description:  Notes of blackberry, rhubarb, dried raspberry and black tea with an transparent and juicy mouthfeel



284G Bag


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JULIETTE AA Filter by Five Elephant 3 x 284g

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