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Buy oxygen bleached white filter papers to filter unnecessary oils from your cup of coffee. The V60 papers come in 3 sizes and these particular filters come in the largest 03 size. Thses V60 coffee filters enable a barista to brew anywhere between 1 to 6 cups. It also comes in a box, making it convenient to use and store away.

Hario V60 Paper Filters Design


The V60 shape is designed to bring the most out of your coffee beans. They are also biodegradable and good for environment, Ensuring that you rinse the filters prior to brewing is paramount to avoid any paper taste transferring to your coffee. The V60 papers work together perfectly with 03 dripper. With the help of your hands the filters will deliver outstanding, sediment-free coffee that you and your friends and family can enjoy the most.


Hario V60 White Filter Papers Include:


  • White Paper Filters
  • Oxygen Bleached
  • Easy to Dispose
  • Biodegradable
  • 03 Size
  • 40 Pack

Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers White 03 Size 1-6 Cups 40 Pack

SKU: VCF-03-40W
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