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Kick start your drip coffee experience by making yourself a fabulous cup of coffee in the morning or evening with the highest quality ceramic dripper. This Hario dripper is durable and holds up heat extremely well due to its ceramic body. It has the classic V design with interior ridges to maximise the air-flow and minimise the chance of clogging.


The ceramic v60 dripper puts the brewer in control of the coffee taste and temperature. It works best with Buono kettle to deliver smooth pour-over and Hario v60 server enables the coffee to be brewed and served right away.


The triple power of the V60 ceramic dripper comes from its distinctive design. Which includes the V cone, ridges, and large hole at the bottom.


Hario V60 Dripper features :


  • 1x Hario V60 Dripper 01 Size (VDC-01R)
  • Ceramic Body
  • Heat-Retention
  • Durable


VAT included in the price

Please make sure to select Wholesale Shipping for Other Products at the checkout. 

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper Red 01

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