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The notes of a classic Ethiopian natural, heavily-accentuated in this process-forward, boozy offering, displaying bold natural-wine-like flavours in the cup.


Cultivated in the Demicha sub-area of Harsu Haro Muda Kebele in the Guji growing region of Ethiopia, this smallholder-lot Heirloom lot certainly packs a punch of flavour. Having undergone natural processing, the cherries have been floated before sun-drying to 11% humidity, before milling.

A culturally-diverse area of southern Ethiopia, the Guji zone is divided into many smaller woredas. Many now have small washing-stations for the producers in the area, allowing them to more-readily capture the incredible personality of coffees from the origin.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Once open we recommend using within 7 days.

Demicha Guji Natural Ethiopia | Discovery

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