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Our Story

It began when I started my internship at KPInternational last year. Because of my love and passion for quality coffee and my ability to motivate and excite others for my causes, I was able to get my employers to become my business partners in this exciting new business venture. With a great support of my mentors and partners in business, we made this a reality and now are covering many different aspects of the coffee business.


Having spent 4 years in Essex studying and working, I always craved high-quality coffee. All I could find in Colchester were chains without a soul or a story, nothing for me.  So when the opportunity to start my own coffee business turned to be a real thing, I did not hesitate for a single minute. 

I have gained a lot from my time at the Essex University, both in academic and personal development. I believe it is now time to start giving back to the community. We aim to improve quality of coffee culture in Essex in many different ways, that is why right from the beginning we cover several aspects of the coffee industry. We provide products and services for HORECA industry, we create tailor-made corporate and office solutions, we cover both retail and wholesale parts of the coffee trade. We are preparing many different exciting things for a near future as well.


I want to show people of Essex how good coffee can be. I want to convince them that it is worth caring about its origin and quality. I want to make a difference. 



Coffee lover and co-founder of BUNA Coffee

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