Farm: Novo Canaã
Producer: João Hamilton in collaboration with FAF
Harvest: Current Crop
Origin: Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil
Growing Conditions: 1300-1380 masl
Botanical Variety: Obatã 
Process: Processed as a Natural & dried on raised beds.

Flavor Description: Red Currant, tropical fruit, cane sugar with a long lingering finish.

It’s our sixth year working with João Hamilton and his brother Ivan Dos Santos along with their partner producers at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza. From the beginning, we have fallen in love with this cultivar from a particular area of Novo Canaã. The cup has been like no other we have ever tried from Brazil, but this particular time of harvest is tricky. In Brazil, rains can often ruin this late harvest crop and we are thankful that this years harvest was very good. It is an exciting time of the year when our container arrives and we get to roast this truly rare and spectacular coffee.


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